The wonder about innovation is how with just a little (or bigger, nevermind) step people can improve other’s life quality. Imagine you are into maritime industry, that is, deep sea most of your time, and, as a job requirement, you need to use training simulators frequently. Those training simulators consist or large, fixed installations that require people traveling to training centers. Remember, you’re deep into the sea most of your time.

Well, now imagine a sparkle, a great idea. Imagine that a company (let’s say it’s Morild Interaktiv), using Virtual Reality technology, is able to develop a compact training system, which, furthermore, delivers better results than the conventional system. Imagine it’s small enough to fit inside a Peli 1620 Case. Yes, that brilliant.

The developers of this Mobile Training Station, Morild Interaktive, from Norway, decided to use a Peli case to ensure their solution was robust enough to be transported and used in the field. We’re talking about oil-rigs, onboard offshore vessels… can you imagine being a part of that? Yes, we’re that proud.

Time is gold, and by making training solutions mobile, they’re able to bring training to their clients, significantly reducing training costs -and time. How many hours of sleep, how many off-duty hours, are being saved here? That’s the wonderful thing about it all.Congratulations, Morild Interaktiv!