How Peli helps engineers with OEM packaging solutions

Peli Products has been a key partner to original equipment manufacturers for over 45 years.
OEMs and their engineering teams have trusted Peli cases to protect their equipment, whether built directly into our cases or by housing their equipment with foam interiors. Thus, we can reveal we’re fairly knowledgeable about these types of companies and how to help them achieve their goals.

Having said that, we decided it might be useful to produce a brief blog post on what OEMs are and how we can help them.


What are OEMs?

An OEM has traditionally been defined as a company who produces goods that are used as components in the products of another company, which then sell them as finished goods to the end customer.

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Often times, OEMs work closely with another type of company, which is referred to as a value-add reseller (VAR), because they augment or incorporate more features or services into the product of the OEM, thus adding value to the original item. The VAR then traditionally is the one that sells the product on to the end customer, as previously described.

A good example of the OEM-VAR relationship has been for decades in the automotive market, where an OEM manufactures products that are to be used as auto parts in automobiles. These parts are manufactured and shipped to the automaker, such as Ford, who then uses those parts in the manufacturing of their own automobiles. The car is then marketed to auto dealers and sold to individual consumers.

The new OEM definition

Although traditionally the OEM focused on business-to-business sales and the VAR focused on sales to the public or to other end users, the definition of the OEM has changed in recent years to include those that resemble the more traditional VAR. OEMs in today’s business world can refer to companies that purchase products and then incorporate them or rebrand them as their own product and sell it under their own name.

This is very typical for certain types of equipment manufacturers that design and engineer electronic products. Although there are any number of companies, many of which produce very specialised types of electronics equipment, some companies that you will be very familiar with such as Dell, Samsung, or Apple are good examples of companies that are termed OEMs, despite not adhering to the traditional definition of an OEM.

Dell Technologies is a company that Peli knows very well and is a perfect example of this. Dell uses Intel processor chips in its computers. It even prominently advertises that it uses Intel chips with the slogan “Intel Inside!” on the computers. Intel is bringing added value to Dell. Despite Dell incorporating Intel chips into Dell’s computers, Dell is considered the OEM.

How can Peli help engineering teams in OEMs and VARs?

There are a number of challenges that OEMs are facing currently. With the rise of globalisation and increasingly complex global supply chains, perhaps the most urgent of the challenges faced by OEMs and their engineering teams working for high-tech sectors is logistics.

Risk management is at the heart of this issue. How can you reliably transport your valuable and fragile equipment from point A to point B, so that it arrives on time, intact and functioning? To address this challenge, OEM and VAR organisations need to choose the right partner in packaging so they can focus on what they do best: developing the best product for their customers or end users.

Peli Products takes the lead to support them to face that challenge with its broad expertise in developing packaging, shipping and storage solutions for OEM engineering teams from all sectors. Through a set of innovative high-performance cases and containers and its interior customisation, Peli is the right partner to mitigate the risk that is inherent in the transportation of fragile, valuable equipment.

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