What is Information Technology and Why is it Important?

When one thinks of Information Technology (IT), what springs to mind are the guys you call up to fix your computer or other device when it won’t work properly. Although these are IT guys, there is much more to IT than just basic tech support. The scope of the IT field or industry sector encompasses much more than just that, and in this post we’ll go over what IT is and why it’s important. And we’ll end with a brief description on how Peli can help IT professionals.

What is Information Technology?

The most basic of definitions of Information Technology is using technology to solve business or organisational problems on a large scale. Although this is a pretty good definition to start, there is more to it than that.

IT involves three primary pillars:

  1. IT governance refers to the policies and processes that ensure IT systems run effectively and according to the needs of an organisation or business.
  2. IT operations refer to the daily tasks undertaken by the IT department or organisation. This is where the guys that come to help you with your broken laptop come in handy. They provide tech support, network maintenance, testing and much more.
  3. Hardware and infrastructure refers to the physical components of the IT infrastructure. So, what we mean by this, setting up and maintaining routers, servers, phone systems and devices such as that computer of yours that keeps breaking, among other things.

Why is information technology important?

Well, think about the daily work that takes place in any business. Can you imagine not having IT support for when your computer breaks? Or when the servers go down? Imagine how that might affect the work done at a company. In addition, more and more companies are now attempting to implement more intuitive and sophisticated solutions to get the jump on competition. As quoted by Edward Kiledjian, a Chief Information Security Officer, “IT can provide the edge a company needs to outsmart, outpace and out-deliver competitors.” Thus, IT is critical to any business, not just for the daily tasks that take place on a micro scale, but on a larger strategic level, which can make or break a business.

How Peli Helps IT professionals

As you can imagine, IT equipment, whether in an office setting or out in the field, can be quite fragile. Peli Products produces a wide range of protective cases that are watertight, dustproof, crushproof and chemical resistant. Thus, you can rest assured your valuable IT equipment such as laptops, tablets or any other small devices will be extremely well protected inside a Peli case.

For those working with servers and other rackmountable equipment on the outdoor or outside a building, Peli also produces a wide range of both customisable and off-the-shelf 19-inch rack cases. From the most delicate equipment to slightly more rugged electronics, Peli has a rack case with the perfect combination of shock, vibration protection and portability. Servers, radio communication

systems, medical or testing equipment components, seismic data recording instrumentation, laboratory equipment, solid-state circuit electronics and Satcom systems are just some of the extremely fragile electronics that can fit in a Peli custom engineered or standard rack case. You name it, and Peli has a case for it.

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