Meet Peli Pro Faces and Land Photography

By Alexa on February 09, 2021
Meet Peli Pro Faces and Land Photography

We interviewed Peli Pros Dieter and Elis Horn about their work in Faces and Land Photography.

Who is Faces and Land Photography and how did you get started?

My wife and I started FLP in 2014. We were travelling a lot and clicked photos of people and
beautiful landscapes. We had the idea to make a photo book of one of our favorite places, a little Greek island named Karpathos.

When the book "Faces of Karpathos“ was finished, we were asked by a travel company to present our book at the international tourist fair in Vienna, Austria. Although we received a very positive response, the book didn’t sell very well. However, we made new contacts and it opened the door for other projects such as hotel and travel photography.

That is the idea behind Faces And Land Photography.

What does a normal day in your life look like?

I am still working full time as an engineer for a company specialized in optical systems, but I will retire soon. Then I will have more time for our own company. At the moment my wife does all the administration and customer relations.

I am the photographer and also do the post-production, which can be very time consuming.
We have recently concluded a cooperation with a young and talented photographer in India, Rajiv Kapoor.

We are also working on a presentation and perhaps an exhibition with our Ladakh photos.
And we are specialized in portrait photography, because we believe that a good portrait can make the character of a person visible.

What inspires you the most on your travels to exotic places?

As a professional photographer you must primarily fulfill your customer’s requests. We travelled to Myanmar in 2016 and 2017, because it was a new and mysterious destination at that time. It was asked for study trips.

Maldives are a classic destination and good photos are always needed. Some of the most exclusive hotel resorts are located there and we had the opportunity to go there several times.
We always wanted to go to the Himalayan mountains. So, we traveled to Ladakh last summer and went on a 4-week photo tour together with our partner and friend Rajiv from India.

It was an awesome experience! It is a very precious asset for a photographer when you can
communicate with the people in their native language. It is allows you to get very close to them.

What special projects have you worked on?

In Myanmar we were the first guests in the legendary The Strand Hotel in Yangon after the reopening in Nov. 2016 and we made the photos.

Built in 1901, The Strand Hotel is one of Asia’s most enduring and awe-inspiring Colonial landmarks.

We then went to the Amara Ocean Resort, a place beyond your dreams. The resort is located at Ngapali, on one of the most beautiful beaches of the world.

What advice would you give someone who is seeking the same line of work?

Only do it, when you are burning for it. Photography is a tough way to make a living.
And you must be curious. Photography is more than clicking pictures. It is the art of observing and finding the right moment to click. A good photo tells a story and makes people to look at it for more than a few seconds.

How do you use Peli Products?

We are using Peli cases for our precious equipment from the beginning. Our equipment is ensured, but what do you do, when you reach your destination and the equipment is broken? You will not get a replacement immediately. You are unhappy and your customer is unhappy as well.

We rely on Peli cases, because they withstand all influences of the environment during land, sea and air transport.

Now we are using the new Peli Air cases, because they are much lighter but still strong enough. And my wife loves them, because less weight for the equipment means more weight for personal belongings on flights.

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