We know you love your smartphone, and that it’s the device that goes everywhere with you, making it the most at-risk for both wear-and-tear and breakage. That’s why our engineers have worked so hard on our new line of smartphone cases, now available in Europe.

We’re proud to be able to say that our new line of smartphone cases will offer the best protection available on the market, for the fragile gadget you love the most.


Peli ProGear Vault iPhone 5 Case

CE1180 Peli Vault Case

The ProGear Vault Case gets its name from its full-enclosure design. It’s engineering-grade aluminium shell  provides vital defense from rain, snow and dust along with insulating elastomeric shock and impact protection from a height of 72 inches.

The Peli Vault Case is also slim and lightweight, and each of its function button is made with aircraft-grade aluminum for precise control. Its water-resistant membrane covers the microphone and speakers to discourage water damage without reducing audio quality. The Peli ProGear Vault case also features a durable screen cover with anti-scratch technology, an optical-grade, Dragontrail® glass camera port, and flush-fitting stainless steel hex-head machine screws. The case is available in a range of colours and is compatible with the iPhone 5.



Peli Protector Case

Peli ProGear Protector iPhone 5 Case

The iPhone 5 ProGear Protector Case has two levels of protection to give you one less thing to worry about: dropping your smartphone.

Its first line of defense is a tough, shock-deflecting outer shell that saves the iPhone’s glass face from direct impact on flat surfaces. The second is a soft, elastomeric interior lining to protect the device from scratches and impact. The Protector Case deflects energy and cushions your phone on impact, preventing damage to the fragile glass surface and sensitive electronic components. The case is available in a range of colours.