Unpacked my Peli iPhone 6 case and was surprised by the feel it had around my phone.
Doesn’t Slip at all and it’s super comfy.

Traveling so much puts all of my gear in danger and being protected by Peli make’s me feel shure nothing bad is gonna happen to my gear, from a bad broken screen on my phone to my laptops and controllers broken.

All buttons have a great feel and the Minijack space for your headphones is large enough to fit AKG, Beats / Schennheiser mini jack inputs.

there are two shock absorbers on the back and the case has a border protection on the front also, the screen is not gonna touch the floor or any surface which is a life saver if your phone accidentally falls or slips off your hand.

One cool thing about the case is that it doesn’t (as many other brands do) make your phone feel larger than it is. the case slips on the iPhone and fits Perfectly in your hand.

-Lorenzo de Pascalis