Contributing to MAFIC’s Scientific Expedition

We’re proud to support the Team of Mars Analogue Fumarole Interdisciplinary Collaboration (MAFIC), by providing high-performance protective cases for their next mission. The MAFIC plans to conduct a scientific research expedition at the Atacama Desert in Chile in April 2018. Part of their ongoing investigation of Mars analogues on the Earth is to inform on the interpretation of the data that is relayed from the rovers currently on the surface of Mars. The objective is to combine four different datasets…
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We’re looking for your next missions

Peli Missions - Maewan Adventure Base
We believe in living adventures, projects and missions to the fullest. In recent years, we’ve supported expeditions of all sorts – from ocean crossings and nature adventures to scientific voyages and humanitarian projects – with products that can be relied on, no matter how extreme the circumstances are. We would very much like to continue to support the missions we find most interesting, so we’re inviting facilitators from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to share their proposals with…
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“There lays the im2370, flat on the dirty road. Scratched and dusty but… it’s a Pelicase!”

Sometimes expeditions get complicated. Peli-sponsored astrophotographer Christoph Malin, from Austria, knows well. An Im2370 Peli Case saved his work in Tunisia, and he shared his story with us: So we are deep in northern Tunisia, at that remote ancient roman ruins site working late, day and night, on a time-lapse astrophotography. We pack the car at 04:00 am, completely wasted and exhausted. It’s a strange kind of shrunk car made for the arab market, a cheap, crappy car, and the…
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A life lived in the mountains: Sebastien Montaz

Probably, his unique perspective has a lot to do with the award-winning trajectory of his productions. Maybe it is because of the passion that impregnates each of his films, showing adventure and mountains the way he loves them. You may know Sebastien Montaz-Rosset for titles such as such as “I believe I can fly” with the skyliners, “T’es pas bien là” or “Downside Up” with Vivian Bruchez, “Dejame Vivir” or “Summits of my Life”, a project that follows Killian Jornet,…
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The Maewan expedition: a four year journey to unexplored territories of the planet

A trip around the world, with so many unaccessible territories to explore. A 37-foot aluminum sailboat, the Maewan. His capitain, Erwan Le Lann, and the internationally renown athletes that will accompain him in this four-year trip. And, of course, Peli. The perfect partner in this adventure. Being a part of extreme expeditions is a tradition of Peli Products. “At Peli we are proud to sponsor expeditions like the Maewan, since their motivation to explore, search for adventures and test their…
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The Spanish Route on the Nameless Tower: The Attempt (by Pedro Cifuentes)

(…) The days before my scheduled flight to Islamabad were complicated due to the recent bombings and increased insecurity in Pakistan, which made some teams cancel their expeditions. The lack of insecurity I felt in the capital vanished when I reached Skardú. From that point I only met good and very good people. Good people and impressive mountains. Up to 3500m, right opposite you some giants of 6000m, makes you feel really tiny. It is like being in Vega de…
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9th Peli Mission: Disaster Tech Lab

Disaster Tech Lab is a non-profit organisation which provides rapid response communication networks for use in disaster relief and humanitarian aid work. Their networks and services help to connect responding organisations as well as affected communities. They also develop new technologies for use in disaster response work. Disaster Tech Labs has a pool of skilled and experienced volunteers which can be deployed in response to disasters across the globe. Currently they are available to deploy local and wide area wifi…
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7th Peli Mission: Coyote Rally Team – Maroc Challenge 2014

Enric Botet and the Coyote Rally Team are a group of Naval and Mechanical Engineering students from Barcelona. Driven by their enthusiasm and desire to see the world, they are registered in the Winter Edition of the Maroc Challenge 2014. This edition of the Maroc Challenge takes place this December. Starting from Almeria, Spain, and ending in Tangier, Morocco, it is an adventure that covers over 2,800 km through the mountains and desert terrain of northern Africa. This rally raid…
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5th Peli Mission – AIME65 Association Intempéries Météo65

Peli is happy to present the third mission to be chosen for sponsorship. AIME65 is an association of volunteers whose mission is to help people who have suffered all sorts of natural disasters and will now be the recipient of equipment provided by Peli. AIME65 was created in December 2013 in direct response to the heavy flooding seen in the south of France that year. AIME65 can be called upon to help people in the Hautes Pyrénées who are dealing…
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4th Peli Mission – Karoo Predator Project

Denis Palanque is a French wildlife photographer who, together with his colleague Nathalie Houdin, will embark on a special photojournalistic mission to South Africa in October. Their mission is to document and report on the story of a young French scientist working on an issue that incites controversy worldwide: the conflictive relationship between livestock farmers and predators. Zoologist Marine Drouilly is working to better understand the extremely strained relationship between South African sheep farmers and two natural predators: the blackjacked…
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