With 2015 coming to its end, it seems a perfect time to take a look back in review to the best moments of the year. The magic of Peli is to make adventures happen, and that’s why we can’t help to cherish the blogposts where we told you about new products and Peli Sponsored Expeditions. Here are our favourite blogpost articles from 2015. Would you add any to the list?

1.Peli Rolls Out the NEW 1670 Peli Case with four wheels. You love new products, and we love to make them happen. We began the year with a great launch, the new 1670 Peli Case with four wheels: http://blog.peli.com/1670-peli-case/

2. Innovation & Peli: Morild Interaktiv Mobile Training Station: Sometimes, thanks to Peli Cases, amazing ideas happen. That’s what happened with Morild Interaktiv, a Mobile Training Station built inside a Peli 1620 Case that helped improve the life of many maritime industry workers. http://blog.peli.com/innovation-peli-morild-interaktiv/

3. One ocean, four women, one fight. Adventure is one of our brand’s core values. When you combine adventure with solidarity, we’re totally in. The Coxless Crew were the first 4 women to row the Pacific Ocean, from San Francisco to Australia, with the aim to raise awareness and funds against breast cancer. We were more than proud to support their adventure and update you about their journey. http://blog.peli.com/one-ocean-four-women-one-fight/

4. Back to work essentials: summer is the time for adventure, September is time to get back to routine. As usual, here’s Peli to give a hand, and we highlighted some of the best products to help you make it back to work. http://blog.peli.com/back-to-work-essentials/

5. Don’t be left in the dark – Safety on Site with the New Peli 3310 ELS. Finally, we had an idea so bright it glowed in the dark: the new Peli 3310 Emergency Light System. It was one of your favourite products, small wonder it had to appear on the list. http://blog.peli.com/peli-3310els/

We’re eager to tell you about the great things we’re bringing up next year. In the meantime, is there any moment you miss on this list?