Peli 3765Z0 Rechargeable Right Angle Torch: new Peli light for Safety Professionals

We lead the way again with a new advanced portable light solution: the new Peli 3765Z0 Rechargeable Right Angle Torch, specially designed with Safety professionals in mind. Featuring downcast LEDs for illuminating your path, the 3765Z0 LED torch also features 194 lumens (high) and 92 lumens (low), and a flashing mode. Another first is a built in battery life indicator so you will know your battery level before you go in. Compact, rugged, and lightweight, the 3765Z0 LED light contains the latest…
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The New ATEX regulation and its implications to manufacturers and end users

ATEX, as we explained earlier last week, is the The European Regulatory Framework for Manufacture, Installation and Use of Equipment in Explosive Atmospheres, and today important changes in this legislation will be withdrawn. From today, the 2nd of April, the products manufacturers place in the market must conform to the new ATEX standard (EN 60079-0:2012). That means the products that are already in service or in the distribution chain can continue to be use or sold. The function of the…
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New! Peli introduces the 9415Z0 LED

Peli Products proudly announces the launch of the 9415Z0 LED, its most powerful handheld light in the market, safety-approved for the most volatile work areas. At just 1.65 Kg and 392 lumens, the new 9415Z0 LED Lantern packs the power without the weight. Four LEDs, powered by the latest generation Ni-MH batteries light up a distance of 392 meters And it’s loaded with innovative technology and features you have come to expect from Peli, such as a 120° rotating head,…
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