We do the thinking: best gift ideas for adventure lovers

Christmas is around the corner. We all love this time of the year: hot chocolate mugs, beautiful lights on the streets, long family meals and… presents. Who could possibly not be delighted by the perspective of spending hours thinking about the perfect gift for… well, too many people? There’s no telling we end up drawing on the pair-of-socks-and-pajamas pack. Good news are, we are the global experts in protective solutions, and that includes saving you from your loved ones poker…
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The story behind: Endless Landscape

A privileged landscape and an amazing calm are behind one of the pictures from the Peli Photocontest that could leave you speechless. Read the description here: “Great things are done when men and mountains meet; This is not done by jostling in the street.” (William Blake). My and me Peli backpack alone on Appennine Mountains. -Antonio Varcasia
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The story behind: Best road in the world

An image is worth a thousand words, or so they say. But for those pictures that leave us speechless, it’s great to read the story behind it, from the person that took them. This weekend I decided to go up “the best road in the world” which according to many people is the Transfagarasan road high up in the Romanian mountains. As usual my Peli Cases accompanied me on this photoshot and as usual all my gear arrived safely without…
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The story behind: Reaching for the perfect spot

Because an image is worth one thousand words, but stories behind the Peli Photocontest winners are still worth telling: Reaching the best spot to relax isn’t always easy. But it’s great to feel comfort from the thought that all my belongings, whatever happens en route, are not at risk at all because they’re stored in my Peli backpack 140. In Pedra Longa (Sardinia). -Luca Varcasia
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The story behind: Peli Photocontest Testimonials

Peli Photocontest 2015 is done, and it has left us amazing photographs. And even though they say an image is worth 1.000 words, some of the stories behind the best pictures of our Photocontest are definetely worth sharing. It couldn’t have been any other way, here’s the story behind this year’s winning picture: The pictured 1400 Peli Case always took good care of our technical equipment. And as an added value, also served as a camping and paddling seat! – Živa Vrbič,…
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The Maewan expedition: a four year journey to unexplored territories of the planet

A trip around the world, with so many unaccessible territories to explore. A 37-foot aluminum sailboat, the Maewan. His capitain, Erwan Le Lann, and the internationally renown athletes that will accompain him in this four-year trip. And, of course, Peli. The perfect partner in this adventure. Being a part of extreme expeditions is a tradition of Peli Products. “At Peli we are proud to sponsor expeditions like the Maewan, since their motivation to explore, search for adventures and test their…
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4th Peli Mission – Karoo Predator Project

Denis Palanque is a French wildlife photographer who, together with his colleague Nathalie Houdin, will embark on a special photojournalistic mission to South Africa in October. Their mission is to document and report on the story of a young French scientist working on an issue that incites controversy worldwide: the conflictive relationship between livestock farmers and predators. Zoologist Marine Drouilly is working to better understand the extremely strained relationship between South African sheep farmers and two natural predators: the blackjacked…
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