Peli brings Peli Air to Enova, the new lightest range of protective customisable cases, up to 40% lighter!

Since 1976, the Peli™ classic Protector™ case has been the go-to protective case solution for millions of people worldwide. It has made an impact in industries ranging from OEM, electronics and logistics, to military and aerospace. Now, Peli goes to the next level to protect your sensitive and expensive equipment with the new Peli Air cases showcased at Enova (Stand B61). Peli Products, the global leader in design and manufacture of protector case solutions, is aware that industries’ equipment needs…
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The story behind: Peli Photocontest Testimonials (II)

Although an image is worth 1.000 words, and we truly believe that, the stories behind Peli Photocontest 2015 best pictures are worth telling. Every friday we’re coming out with a new one. And if last week it was the winner’s turn (read it here), today it´s time for the runner-up: As a cave photographer I always need equipment that can survive the toughest conditions. For almost 20 years I’ve used Peli cases for transporting my photo gear safely through the…
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A life lived in the mountains: Sebastien Montaz

Probably, his unique perspective has a lot to do with the award-winning trajectory of his productions. Maybe it is because of the passion that impregnates each of his films, showing adventure and mountains the way he loves them. You may know Sebastien Montaz-Rosset for titles such as such as “I believe I can fly” with the skyliners, “T’es pas bien là” or “Downside Up” with Vivian Bruchez, “Dejame Vivir” or “Summits of my Life”, a project that follows Killian Jornet,…
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The Maewan expedition: a four year journey to unexplored territories of the planet

A trip around the world, with so many unaccessible territories to explore. A 37-foot aluminum sailboat, the Maewan. His capitain, Erwan Le Lann, and the internationally renown athletes that will accompain him in this four-year trip. And, of course, Peli. The perfect partner in this adventure. Being a part of extreme expeditions is a tradition of Peli Products. “At Peli we are proud to sponsor expeditions like the Maewan, since their motivation to explore, search for adventures and test their…
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The Spanish Route on the Nameless Tower: The Attempt (by Pedro Cifuentes)

(…) The days before my scheduled flight to Islamabad were complicated due to the recent bombings and increased insecurity in Pakistan, which made some teams cancel their expeditions. The lack of insecurity I felt in the capital vanished when I reached Skardú. From that point I only met good and very good people. Good people and impressive mountains. Up to 3500m, right opposite you some giants of 6000m, makes you feel really tiny. It is like being in Vega de…
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Lid Organisers for Peli Cases:

Photographers and EMS providers are just two of the many types of professionals that rely on precious equipment in order to succeed on the job. Many trust Peli to protect that equipment, even in the most extreme conditions. While we know that nothing beats Peli when it comes to protecting your equipment, what about organising it? Proper organisation is essential in making sure that everything you need is where you need it to be. With that it mind, our designers…
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What is the o-ring made of?

Each Peli case comes with an o-ring in the lid to seal out any water, dust or debris. The o-ring maintains a watertight, dust-proof seal that protects the precious cargo you carry inside. It is made of EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, which is well-known for its excellent heat, ozone and weather resistance. EPDM is extremely resistant to water and steam and maintains its flexibility even at low temperatures. For this reason, it has a wide range of applications…
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