Shoot, Share, and Win: Enter our #DesignedToSurvive Competition

THE WINNERS 1rst 2nd 3rd View this post on Instagram @peli_products What's inside my PELI case? #DesignedtoSurvive #peli #pelicancase #security #safety #tough #smithsdetection #whatsinsidemybag #whatsinsidethebox #xray A post shared by Mikhail Yunusov (@family_yunusov) on Aug 22, 2018 at 4:24pm PDT Thank you all for the Videos, and keep tuned because this won´t be the last one!   Peli cases can protect your kit from the most extreme conditions on earth, being watertight, dust and crush proof, and we want to see…
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Much more than extreme protection: Alternative uses for your Peli case

“Reliable, helpful every time you need it and with many years of adventures together” – sounds like someone describing a close friend. It is, in fact, how many describe their Peli case, according to recent research conducted by Peli*, with a staggering 95% of respondents saying that they used their case for extreme protection. The way in which our cases are used are both resourceful and creative, with 56% using theirs as a step-up, a chair, a lunch table and…
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Never give up on your dreams: adventure photographer Uros Podlogar

After spending growing amounts of time in nature with his camera by his side, Uros Podlogar realised his biggest passions in life: adventure and photography. Naturally, the two combined to form his profession and he now embarks on impressive adventures while travelling the world, all in the name of incredible visual content. What motivates you? I find motivation in extraordinary things that can be found in everyday life: the natural world and its breathtaking surprises, adventures, extreme locations and sports.…
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Step into the shoes of a modern nomad, Peli Brand Ambassador Timo Pape

Timo Pape is the ultimate modern-day nomad who specialises in producing breathtaking adventure travel images. He has visited some of the most dangerous and remote places on earth including Chernobyl and the Antarctic, visiting a total of 85 countries to date. What motivates you? I grew up in massively populated cities like Cairo, Jakarta, Bangkok, London and Hong Kong – all exciting places to live in, but it created a desire to get away from it all. Away from crowds,…
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International Women’s Day: Celebrating exceptional achievements

Rowing the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Australia or taking a 10.000 km Journey in a Volkswagen Split from France to the Arctic Circle via Norway climbing the most vertiginous walls. Today it’s International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating the achievements of two Peli-sponsored expeditions composed by extraordinary women. Ones are led by passion for the sea, the others, for passion for the mountain. What is for sure is that adventure runs through their veins. The Coxless Crew are…
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We do the thinking: best gift ideas for adventure lovers

Christmas is around the corner. We all love this time of the year: hot chocolate mugs, beautiful lights on the streets, long family meals and… presents. Who could possibly not be delighted by the perspective of spending hours thinking about the perfect gift for… well, too many people? There’s no telling we end up drawing on the pair-of-socks-and-pajamas pack. Good news are, we are the global experts in protective solutions, and that includes saving you from your loved ones poker…
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A trip to the Arctic: two young girls, Peli and a Dog

Adventure runs in the veins of Amélie Rousselet and Betsy Kieplinsky. Fascinated by the impossible, this two young girls chose to live climbing the highest challenges. They met at the foot of a climbing route, and discovered their similar passions for sport, adventure and wildness. Earlier this year, they decided to start a 10 000 km journey to the Lofoten Islands in Norway, merging freedom, climbing and sensations. They’re supported by the best partners ever in their adventure: their dog Gaia…
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Peli products for caving: discover our headlights

When it’s about caving, our headlights lead the way. Leave your hands free with the most powerful, practical and yet comfortable head lights on the market. Peli ProGear 2870 Headlight The brightest headlight ever made by Peli and, from now on, your one and only. Equipped with a very powerful LED that brings a clean and brilliant source of light of different intensities (430 lumens in high mode, 203 lumens in medium mode, 53 lumens in low mode). Waterproof and weatherproof…
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The story behind: a story of wanderlust

  The story behind the 3rd prize winner of Peli Photocontest 2015 is a story of wanderlust. Wanderlust made profession, and captured into a photography: I love my job as a photographer and a mountain guide. While I care about the safety of my clients, my camera equipment is protected by Peli cases. From Nepal to Bolivia. From the base camp to the summit. Like here in Tanzania. On the summit of KILIMANJARO! – Mateusz Waligóra
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