Great news for Ultrabook owners! You’ll love the latest addition to our ProGear line of extreme digital protection cases. The 1070cc case is the only fully enclosed hard case designed specifically to protect Ultrabook laptops.

Fruit of a partnership between Peli and BMW DesignWorks, the 1070CC case is designed to safeguard Ultrabook laptops (Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Dell and Asus) and Apple MacBook laptops up to 13 inches wide.

This streamlined, crush-resistant case features the same attributes as Peli’s classic cases (including a watertight o-ring seal with automatic pressure equalization valve). As additional protection, it features a shock-absorbing plush foam liner (with impact-protection cell cushions) and a set of four adhesive backed, memory foam buffers which secure the laptop for safe travel.

The case also includes a shoulder strap for easy portability, and its non-skid rubber feet make it a stable work station.

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