Wilderness Diving Exploration Greenland, codenamed ‘Wi.DE’, is a 1000 km journey along the coast of Eastern Greenland by kayak. The project is being undertaken by Alban Michon and Vincent Berthet, and sponsored by Peli.

Captivated by the magnetism of the poles, Vincent Berthet has made the polar environment his playground as an explorer and cameraman for numerous expeditions.

Alban Michon is the team’s water, ice, and cave-diving specialist. In 2010 he embarked on the ‘Deep-sea Under The Pole’ adventure alongside Vincent.

Alban and Vincent’s mission is to explore above and below Greenland’s icy surface, and to raise awareness of threat of global warning among future generations.

Who better to help them on their way than Peli?

“This Peli case slipped in the snow and ended up in the water in the middle of the ice. Our Peli case is the heart of the experience (it holds our computer, phone, satellite beacon …. ). The kayaks have gotten completely soaked several times and the case always resisted. Congratulations, and thank you Peli.”

Alban Michon

A film crew, led by director Thierry Robert, will be filming their wildest moments, most unexpected encounters, and all the challenges they meet along the way. This ‘Journey into the Heart of Ice’ will be broadcast on France 3’s Thalassa programme in 2013.

Until then, you can follow their adventures on Facebook and the Wi.DE website.