“The iM2435 is pretty much the perfect amalgamation of my Peli 1440 and my iM2300. The iM2435’s size and weight are just perfect and is by far the most practicable solution I have found for use as a pilot’s case.

I have already been putting the iM2435 through its paces with lengthy transits through major airports over smooth and rough surfaces. It has lived up to the Pelican reputation very well and is coping just fine with all the ‘knocks’ in the rather harsh urban airline environment.

Another great attribute to the iM2435, like all other Peli cases, is that it manages to turn quite a few heads, both from other flight crew and from passengers as it has the uncanny and extraordinary ability to display a feeling of importance and mystery. I can only highly recommend the iM2435 to any pilots in need of supreme quality.”

Duncan Read,

ERJ Captain, South African Airlink