I was recently in Haiti for the second time, to offer support with the Medizinisches Katastrophenhilfswerk (MHW – German Medical Disaster Relief team). The aim of this mission was the selection of suitable sites for two Grünbeck water treatment systems, joint project between MHW and Grünbeck.

Haití Mission 1There were many moments that touched me greatly, and where I felt: “It is right to be here – these people need our help in order to be able to survive”. Haiti has been going through years of political instability and natural disasters such as hurricanes, regular floods and, not the least, the earthquake that struck four years ago. Haiti is the poorest country on the American continent, and is among the least developed countries in the world.

Many people possess only what they carry with them. Children in particular suffer because of polluted drinking water that transmit parasites and chronic infectious diseases. For example, in 2013, Haiti was the country with the most cholera cases worldwide. Haití Mission 2

Following a detailed assessment of various projects in the capital Port-au -Prince and 200 km north of it in Cap Haitien, we came to the conclusion that they needed water treatment plants in places like Site S oley, the largest slum of Port-au-Prince. In these slums almost all access to clean drinking water is denied because it must be purchased in gallons, and most people there can’t afford it.

The two Grünbeck drinking water systems are supervised by Salesian Fathers. The Salesians in Site Soley take care of 40 small schools, four central schools and two vocational schools. Education is the only chance to escape from these slums and from this misery, since the people in this district live under conditions of the most extreme poverty. Therefore, choosing this site for the water treatment plants the best choice for us; that way we are helping the poorest of the poor.

Haití Mission 3

Part of all this is possible because Peli Products supported me in our humanitarian work, and today I would like to thank Peli. I was happy with my robust 1560 Peli case, the digital devices protective cases and the equipment provided. I am sure that, under these conditions, without the Peli products my personal belongings wouldn’t have travelled unscathed. Also, the compact Peli 1910 flashlight was a very big help and was always a faithful companion during the numerous power outages in Haiti.

Jochen Schreib

Chief Medical Officer MHW

German Medical Disaster Relief team