“I am a volunteer medical first responder in Germany. For first responder purposes I use two similar packed Peli 1550 boxes, one 1460 EMS case, one 1460 tool case, one 1520 case and some smaller cases (mostly 1500 Peli cases). They give my medical equipment the protection it needs: they’re rain-proof and shock-proof – yes even when the whole box falls down – I can be sure my equipment will work, day by day, night by night, whether it is hot or frosty cold.

I also work with a charitable foundation in Bohol in the Philippines. After the earthquake there this October, I sent again first aid materials, medicine, ECG and OP equipment to help the victims and their recovery. I have also recently sent similar supplies to the area before to support the Philippine National Red Cross and some local health centers especially in remote areas. For the medical  equipment  we used regular boxes, but we found out, that Peli cases are the best equipment we can use for our purposes to protect the vulnerable and expensive medical materials.

Sometimes helping people in their extreme situations is dirty, muddy and even bloody. The boxes are easy to clean or just disinfect when necessary. The boxes resist all kind of disinfection materials even those that destroy my gloves. Peli cases  give me and my patients the maximum in safety and protection – with optimal function, great reliability and efficiency.

Case Uses:

My 1550 Peli cases are mostly used for internal emergencies like heart attacks. They hold a suction unit, 400 liters of oxygen, one Ambu Mark 4, one Ambu Mark 4 baby with a variety of masks, LT-D tubes, infusions, first aid and materials for burns, as well as splints, a glucometer, and diagnostic equipment like blood pressure measuring devices and cool packs.

1520 Peli case is used as a respiration module

1460 Peli tool box is an emergency circulation module

1460 Peli EMS case does the same as the 1460 tool box with extended materials / diagnostics equipment.

A combination of a Peli 1460 with a Peli 1520 case, with an defibrillator added fits the requirements of first responder equipment or a small first aid post, too.”

Stefan Bauer, Volunteer Medical First Responder, Germany