“Whilst searching for the Terrace Male lion at night in the lower Uniab River, a judgement error resulted in the Land Cruiser sliding down the slip-face a small dune and overturning. This was most unexpected; excessive winds over the past 4 days had completely changed the shape of a small dune on an established track, which had been driven 6 times during the past ten days.

Although the Land Cruiser escaped with only a few scratches after being overturned in the Uniab dunes, there was a lot of damage to the equipment that were on top and inside the vehicle.

However, none of the sensitive and expensive items that were stored in Peli cases were damaged. Several Peli cases were then also used to build a rudimentary shelter against the wind and fog whilst waiting for help to arrive from Terrace Bay. The Project would like to thank Peli Products for their support”.

Desert lion Conservation

Dr. Philip Stander

Desert Lion Conservation, Namibia