I am a professional photographer and a proud owner of a PELI 1510, which I use to carry and protect my photography equipment. As you may know, PELI cases don’t come cheap and before purchasing the case online, I definitely hovered over the “buy now” button for a while thinking, “Do I really need this case?” Nonetheless, I bought the case in January 2018 and lucky for me, I did.

In June 2018, I was in the middle of filming wedding preparations for a soon to be married couple when I had a major car accident while travelling from the bride’s house to the groom’s place. I was sitting in traffic and was rear-ended by a car travelling at around 110 km/h! I ended up hitting three other cars in front of me, so it was a four-car accident in total and the PELI case, which was in the trunk, took the full impact of the crash.

You can imagine my horror when I saw the back of the car and came to the realization that my PELI case containing all my filming and video equipment had been in the trunk. My case was well and truly stuck where the trunk had folded in from the impact. I suffered from a broken hand after the accident, but a kind man, a good Samaritan, helped me to get the case out. Incredibly, when it was pulled out, there wasn’t a single scratch on the case. Can you believe it?! I got my gear out thinking it had to have some kind of impact damage, but there was nothing. Everything that was inside worked, and the case was as good as new.

I used to wonder, “Could a Peli case be bomb proof?” I think I know the answer now.

Donna Reid, professional photographer