Friend of Peli, Squash Falconer, is preparing to participate in Wings of Kilimanjaro, a groundbreaking climb and jump expedition in aid of good causes in Africa.

Squash will join a team of 200 adventurers in a mission to ascend the world’s tallest free standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, and paraglide from the summit.

This will be the largest ever group to attempt this feat on Kilimanjaro. The aim of the expedition is to raise over US$1 million for Plant With Purpose, WorldServe International and One Difference: three charities working on the ground in Eastern Africa.

Squash is currently in training for the seven day ascent and paraglide jump, and will be using Peli gear to help her on her way.

Check out Squash’s first video blog about the Wings of Kili experience on her website.

You can also follow the Wings of Kilimanjaro project on Facebook and Twitter.