We all have a moment we can’t forget. Sometimes it´s a transcendental moment in our lives, others just a hilarious anecdote that still would make us blush or burst out in laughter. They’re our secret stories, and now it’s time to get them unveiled!

Do you remember any special moment you lived with a Peli Product? Let’s tell the world!

How to participate?

Share your Peli Secret Story on our Facebook wall. You can also tag friends who lived it with you!

We will be accepting stories from September 14th until September 28th. Anyone wanting to participate must publish their story on our Facebook wall.

Stories must not be shorter than 300 characters nor longer than 700. Contestants may tag one or several facebook contacts that are related to the story, and accompain it with a photography.

When the submission period is over, a panel of judges from Peli Products will choose three winning stories, that will be awarded with a Peli 1920 LED light.

Good luck!