Involve Peli Products in your scientific project
Aware of the importance of Research Projects, Scientific Missions and other Science-related daily professions, Peli Products will get involved and support five scientific projects, expeditions or professional groups with products that can be relied on to carry the most appreciated or critical valuables, even in the most extreme situations.
Tell us about your research project, scientific mission or science-related professional activity, explaining what you need and how our products can help, and turn your proposal into a project sponsored by Peli Products!
We will be accepting proposals between October 1st and October 31st. Any scientific project, mission or professional group that wants to participate must submit their entry at by clicking on the Peli Science tab. When entering, contestants must complete the participation form including a description of the project and a descriptive image.
It is very simple to participate:
1. You must be a Facebook fan of Peli Products.
2. You must have a science-related project, expedition, research or professional daily activity that requires our products.
3. Complete the participation form you’ll find by clicking the button “participate”. Please include a description of your project (including a mission statement) and a descriptive image.
4. All the proposals we receive will appear on our Facebook Fan Page.

Selection of five science-related projects:
At the end of the submissions period, a panel of judges from Peli Products will choose 5 projects and then make an official announcement through our page. Peli reserves all rights to decide which projects should be sponsored.*

Get Science further with Peli Products!

*If your project has not been chosen, we will let you know by private email. You can then decide if you want to remove the information from Peli’s Facebook page. Peli Products reserves the right to choose the expeditions/projects that best reflect the values of the company. In the event that a fan project is not chosen, the fan could request, if desired, that Peli remove the project from Facebook.