Lyndon Faulkner, Peli CEO, chats to us in the first-ever Peli Products blog, and celebrates the exciting launch of our consumer product range in Europe.

After months of speculation, and build up, I am delighted to bring to Europe the all new ProGear consumer range. Until now Peli products have been the best-kept secret amongst professionals for protecting digital equipment and we wanted to make that a possibility for everyone, everywhere. Whether you use your iPad on the tube, take your laptop on the bike or scooter to work, or are doing sport or travelling in extreme conditions – you too can now have the first-class protection that professionals have been using for decades.

I am also pleased to be able to reach out and speak to you directly. It has been an exciting journey designing the consumer range and bringing to life quality consumer products at affordable prices. But do I use the products? You bet I do. I use them to protect most of my electronic equipment when out and about in California, which is particularly handy as I live near the ocean. Our products are waterproof and shock proof so I have no problem taking my phone or iPad onto the beach.

The true extent of how sturdy our products are is underlined by one of our brand champions, Jeb Corliss, an avid fan of Peli. Jeb has dedicated his life to human flight, catapulting himself to recognition as one of the best‐known BASE‐jumpers and wing suit pilots in the world. He has jumped from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Angel Falls in Venezuela and pushes himself to the limit while flying by cliffs and mountainsides at high speeds. So it is safe to say, our products are pushed and tested to the extreme.

So guys, I guess now it is over to you. I hope you love the ProGear products as much as we do!


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Tune in next week to hear from our Star Blogger and Peli Pro Jeb Corliss ……