With hazardous areas in mind, Peli Products has developed the safety approved Peli 2745Z0 and 2755Z0 LED Headlights. With an ATEX Certified Category 1 (Zone 0), both headlights can be used in the highest risk zone where an explosive atmosphere is expected to exist, which makes these models two of the safest work lights for use in the most volatile work environments.

Peli ProGear 2745Z0 LED Headlights
Peli 2745Z0 LED Headlight

The 2745Z0 LED Headlight features three LEDs with dual modes: high (33 lumens / 20 hours) and low (17 lumens / 40 hours). The 2755Z0 LED Headlight features dual LEDs with multiple modes: high (72 lumens / 6 hours), low (34 lumens / 15 hours) and flashing (72 lumens / 12 hours). It also features low battery warning.

Peli ProGear 2755Z0 LED Headlights
Peli 2755Z0 LED Headlight

The 2745Z0 and 2755Z0 headlights are constructed of tough polymer – resistant to water and extreme conditions and pivot to a 45 degree angle to direct their clean, bright light where it’s needed. Each weighs in at just over 85 g (3 ounces) with three AAA batteries (included) and come with a cloth strap (comfortable for bare heads). Both headlights are backed by Peli Products’ Legendary Guarantee of Excellence.