Over the past few weeks, we’ve been introducing you to our Peli Pros, a diverse group of adventurous spirits, all of whom rely on Peli gear to excel in their chosen fields.

This month’s Peli Pro is Mark Davis, a champion fisherman with over 20 years of saltwater fishing experience. He has competed in 234 tournaments, winning five, and finishing in the top ten forty-five times.

Mark has fished and hunted all over the world. As host of the BigWater Adventures programme, he travels the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and beyond in search of the best catch.  He’s had two video-games produced which allow his fans to simulate the wild Mark Davis fishing experience (Mark Davis’ The Fishing Master and Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge).

Mark is a lifelong student of everything that swims, from tuna to wahoo, dorado, mackerel, shark, redfish and stripers. He is always up for the thrill of the chase and the ensuing fight, and he knows he can rely on his waterproof Peli gear to see him through to dry land.