We believe in living adventures, projects and missions to the fullest. In recent years, we’ve supported expeditions of all sorts – from ocean crossings and nature adventures to scientific voyages and humanitarian projects – with products that can be relied on, no matter how extreme the circumstances are.

We would very much like to continue to support the missions we find most interesting, so we’re inviting facilitators from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to share their proposals with us, and to let us know what kind of Peli equipment they would need. We will then review all the proposals and select a few projects to support with our proven products!

Here are some of the projects we’ve previously sponsored:

So if you’re currently planning your next scientific or goodwill assignment and could use our state-of-the-art protection, simply fill out the form by January 31st. Good luck!

Update: entries have now closed. Thanks to everyone for sending in your proposals!