Now available in yellow, orange and grey, Peli Air Cases combine durability and protection whilst being 40% lighter than the Peli classic and Peli Storm lines. Without compromising on Peli’s renowned strength, experts constructed these cases with premium lightweight HPX2 resin that rebounds to stress without breaking and is the next generation of Peli’s proprietary formula.

For more than 40 years Peli Air has provided a range of industries such as safety, emergency services, industrial and photography with protective cases. The Air range is now available in yellow, orange and grey, with each coming either empty or with Pick N Pluck foam (a manually customisable cubed foam). The new cases are available in five long-form, travel-ready sizes; the 1535 (wheeled carry-on), medium 1485, 1525 and 1555, and large 1605.

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