Customize your Peli Case

We like to think that, as well as being crushproof, waterproof, and tough as nails, our Peli Cases are pretty good-looking too! Lots of our Peli fans customize their cases to fit their personalities. Here are our top ways of adapting the blank canvas of your Peli Case to fit your unique style. Follow the example of @charliewagers and jazz up your case with paint or stickers: If you’re more of the serious type, think smart like photographer Felipe Villegas…
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ProGear Sport Wallet: Good Things Come in Small Packages

Here at Peli, we’re super-excited to announce the launch of the latest addition to our case range in Europe: the ProGear 0955 Sport Wallet. As you can see, it’s perfect for protecting small items like keys, ID documents, credit cards, cash, and memory sticks and cards. The wallet features an easy-open latch with dual mesh pockets, so that you can keep its contents organized. Professional-grade quality You no longer need to risk using a traditional soft wallet for your most…
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Peli ProGear – Let there be light!

For more than 30 years, Peli torches have been the professional choice of industries that demand the brightest and safest lighting in the world. We get excellent feedback about our lamps and torches from firefighters, aerospace workers and police officers. The high performance and reliability of Peli products have allowed them to see clearly and concentrate on saving lives, including their own. Peli ProGear puts the same cutting-edge portable lighting systems in your hands. Our job is to develop high-performance…
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Best Diving Spots in Europe

Here at Peli, we have a great relationship with the diving community. We love being able to provide tough, waterproof cases to professional and amateur divers who transport their gadgets and other valuables to the wettest, wildest places on Earth.           In that spirit, here we’re sharing our tips on the five of the best diving spots in Europe. 1) Wreck diving in the Orkney Islands If you want to add a historical twist to your…
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Meet Peli Pro Alexandra Cousteau

Alexandra Cousteau is the granddaughter of explorer and conservationist Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and daughter of oceanographer and filmmaker Philippe Cousteau.  She has continued in their footsteps by dedicating herself to environmental campaigning on a global scale. “People protect what they love” – Jacques-Yves Cousteau Alexandra is dedicated to advocating the importance of conservation and sustainable water management. Her foundation, Blue Legacy, works to promote water as the defining environmental and social issue of our times. Blue Legacy’s global initiatives leverage both…
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Peli Pro Jeb Corliss at the World Wingsuit League Race

In this exclusive post, Peli Pro Wingsuit Pilot and BASE Jumper Jeb Corliss tells us about his journey to China for the upcoming World Wingsuit League Race: “Hi everyone! I’ve just embarked on an amazing journey to China’s Hunan Provence, to a place called Zhangjiajie. I did the biggest megastunt of my life in this location last year when I flew through the Tianmen Mountain cave. It was so successful that the Chinese government and cable car company asked me…
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Meet Peli Pro Jeb Corliss

Jeb is an extreme sportsman, and one of the world’s best-known BASE jumpers and wingsuit pilots. ‘BASE’ refers to Buildings, Antennae, Spans (bridges) and Earth (cliffs), the elements from which jumpers leap. Wingsuit pilots like Jeb wear a jumpsuit that increases the surface area of their bodies, giving them lift during flight before they open their parachutes to break their fall for landing. Jeb has jumped from structures including the Eiffel Tower, a helicopter flying at 1800 metres, and the…
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Meet the Peli Pros

We all know Peli protects your gadgets whether you’re working, running around the city or travelling further afield, but what if you were jumping off cliffs, fishing in the Pacific Ocean, or even saving the world? Peli Pros push our products to the extreme, putting their durability to the test.  Jeb Corliss, Alexandra Cousteau, and Mark Davis take their cameras, laptops, and iPads on their adventures around the world, and both they and their gadgets live to tell the tale.…
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