Finding a torch during a blackout can sometimes be a little tricky, which is what Peli Products was thinking when it created the 3310PL LED light.

ProGear 3310PL

A great tool to have in your gear bag or pocket when shooting at night or in dark areas in the rugged outdoors, the 3310PL LED torch was created to be tough, reliable and practical. Compact and lightweight, it is crafted from a highly durable polymer material and features a photoluminescent finish that absorbs the ambient light allowing it to glow in the dark when the light is off.

The shape of the light’s body is engineered to fit perfectly in the natural grasp of gloved hands and the ridges along the handle allow for a strict non-slip grip. A security wrist lanyard is attached to avoid losing the 3310PL in risky situations.

Its IPX7 ingress protection rating assures reliability in the soggiest environments. It also has a length of 15.6 cm and a lightweight feel at only 176 grams (including batteries). The 3310PL LED light also features a castle-top to alert the user if it’s turned on when left in an upright position.

Requiring only 3 AA batteries, the light offers three modes: high (234 lumens), low (28 lumens) and flashing, with a runtime of up to 8 hours and 45 minutes in high mode. The Peli 3310PL LED light leads the way with a beam distance of 240 meters and a peak beam intensity of 14,500 candelas.

With the 3310PL LED, your days of fumbling around in the dark are over.

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