I have been now testing the protection case about 6 weeks and I have loved it.

It is bit thick when comparing to normal protection case but it also protects much better. One design change I would do is to change the edges to the backside of the ipad as there are several tool now days specially drones that uses ipads as a screen. I also use Parrot Skycontroler normally with iPad Mini and this case is too thick to with in there, so I have to remove it from case if I want to use it. I still understand that current solution make easier to handheld it.

You could also use table stand option but I have to say that I haven’t used it so much. I mostly use it only as a hand device and the case makes grip much better. The connections for headphones and charger work great with the case. Same as all the buttons. Although you can find the power button more easier in dark without the case as you can’t feel which side have the power button, you can get used to it pretty fast.

In conclusion I still think it’s worth of every penny specially if you will be using it only handheld or table stand.

-Juhani Väihkönen