Rowing the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Australia Or taking a 10.000 km Journey in a Volkswagen Split from France to the Arctic Circle via Norway – climbing the most vertiginous walls.

Today it’s International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating the achievements of two Peli-sponsored expeditions composed by extraordinary women. One is led by passion for the sea, the other, by passion for the mountain. For both teams, Adventure runs through their veins.

The Coxless Crew are a group of four composed by Natalia Cohen (39), Laura Penhaul (31), Emma Mitchell (29) and Isabel Burnham (30). On April 2015, they set off a 9 month 8.446 mile journey from San Francisco, USA, to Cairns, Australia, in a 29ft boat.

They set a new world record by becoming the first ever fours crew to row the Pacific Ocean. The reason? Raising awareness towards breast cancer and Raising over £250,000 for two charities: Walking With the Wounded and Breast Cancer Care.

The climbing lovers are a crew of two: Amélie Rousselet and Betsy Kieplinsky, Les Demoiselles Aventurières. Fascinated by the impossible, these two young girls chose to live by climbing the highest challenges.

They began a 10.000 km journey of wonderful roads and amazing climbing routes to the Arctic Circle. Now, you can watch the teaser of the film they recorded on the go here:

Hopefully some day soon we’ll reach gender equity and live without the need to celebrate a Women’s Day anymore. For the moment, we’re proud to celebrate and support exceptional achievements like theirs.