Firefighter: Hlynur Kristjánsson
Country: Iceland

Peli Products 3315 Led Light

First impression: The first thing I thought when opening the box with the Peli 3315 light was that it felt a bit flimsy.  The battery compartment made a snap when I opened it and I was afraid that I had broken it.  It felt a little slippery in my hands ( I will come to this again later) and the wrist band was a little short.  But the on/off button is large and easy to use even while wearing big gloves.  The light is strong and bright.

Peli Products 3315 Zone 0

Using the light: Like I said, I thought the grip was a bit poor and slippery. When I tested it, I was working outside in the rain and was looking in a big well full of water.  I reached in my pocket and took out my light, because I was wearing gloves I could not get the wrist strap around my wrist and the light slipped out of my hand and into the well so further testing was not possible.  But on the bright side, I found out that the light, although it looked flimsy and weak, survived the  5-metre fall into the well and the light was still working even when fully submerged in water.  The battery life is good because when I went back a week later to try and get it up again the light was still on.  Although all rescue attempts where not successful.

Conclusion: Although the light doesn’t look like much, it is tough as nails and has an excellent battery life.  The issue with the grip and strap is a huge disappointment.  But could easily be fixed if the grip had some rubber on it and the strap were adjustable.