Since 1976, Peli Products is the global leader in manufacturing the highest performance cases and containers. At the UAV show 2016 (Booth A23), Peli will present its expertise in protecting and transporting drones and UAV systems.

The lightest cases in the planet protecting your drones

The brand-new Peli Air protective case range is up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases and makes it the lightest protector case on the market. Designed to cut weight without compromising durability, it offers innovation with an equal balance of toughness and lightness. The case is waterproof, crushproof, dustproof and contains ultra tough double-throw latches. The Peli Air line offers six different sizes which includes two travel cases with wheels and an integrated retractable handle, ideal for drone safe transportation and handling.


A matching Peli Case for virtually every drone

With +500 models of cases, customers only need to choose the right design for their UAV:

  • Trolley-style Peli Cases for easy transport:

With wheels and a pull handle, for taking your drone comfortably anywhere – hassle-free. Consumers can choose models with bigger wheels for irregular, steeper journeys. For example, the Drone Freefly Alta is sold inside a customized Peli Case, so that users can set it to fly in 5 minutes. Models like the Peli 1510, the Peli 1610, the 1630 or the Peli Storm iM2875 can accommodate drones like the DJI Phantom and Inspire, QAV, Parrot BeBop, among others.

  • Cube Peli Cases for more space:

In case you need more space or depth, the Peli cube cases like the 0340, 0350 or the 0370, are good options for

drones like the DJI S1000. These cube cases have handles and 4 wheels for lighter mobility, and are the smart adventure-ready choice of protection.

  • Long cases for larger systems:

If your UAV fits better in a long case, you can use the Peli 1740 or the 1770 models, which integrate wheels and handle, for easy carrying of such heavier, fragile equipment.

Peli’s products offer a Lifetime Guarantee (where applicable by law).