How many of you are thinking about Scuba Diving this summer? Whether you are an expert diver or a novel going for your first immersion, you’ll find a Peli Nemo Dive Light that suits your needs and you can rely on to discover new underwater worlds.

But, finding the right Flashlight isn’t that easy, right? Specially if you’re new , you’ve probably gotten your mind blown with terms such as candela, lumens, light beam or, even worse, IPX8. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated. We’ve got three torches for Divers at Peli. At least one of them will surely fit your needs, and, here we are to explain the differences between them. But, since we’re going to use sentences like “light output of 126 lumens, with a Peak Beam Intensity of 6500 cd”, let’s get familiar with the terms in first place.

What do I need to know?

In first place, a ‘Lumen’ is the unit used to measure the amount of brightness that comes from a light source. To make it clearer, your smartphone’s flashlight has about 40 or 50 lumens. You’ll find other terms such as IPX8, IPX7… this is an indicator for water resistance.  Of course, all diving torches are waterproof, but at a different level. Usually, torches use the ANSI criteria, which specify three levels we need to consider: IPX4, which means the device is water resistant (it can be splashed), IPX7, which means the device is waterproof, can be temporarily immersed, and IPX8, which means the device is summersible and can be continuously immersed under harder conditions than IPX7. You can learn more here, and here.

All clear, now I want a flashlight


This is the smallest light in the Nemo family. It features a 24 lumen output, with a 167 foot beam throw and 3-hour runtime. It is IPX8-rated to be submersible to 100 meters. At less than 14 cm long and weighing 155 grams with batteries, it is perfect as a back-up or in close areas where larger lights can become a handicap.



This light comes with a 109 lumens output and a 32-hour burn time. The beam light reaches 144  meters. It’s also IPX8-rated to be submersible to 100 meters,and glows in the dark so it’s always easy to find. There’s an integrated utility clip available for safe storage or hands-free use. A simple twist of the shroud turns the light on or off, making it easy to use, even while wearing gloves.


The most powerful light of the Nemo Family, it features a light output of 126 lumens, with a beam distance reach of 161 meters It boasts a burn time of 7  hours and 30 minutes,  and comes with an easy-slide thumb switch for simple operation.


There’s a Nemo Light for each kind of diving adventure you wish to take. Which one fits you better?