A trip to the Arctic: two young girls, Peli and a Dog

Adventure runs in the veins of Amélie Rousselet and Betsy Kieplinsky. Fascinated by the impossible, these two young girls chose to live by climbing the highest challenges. They met at the foot of a climbing route, and discovered their similar passions for sport, adventure and wildness. Earlier this year, they decided to start a 10.000 km journey to the Lofoten Islands in Norway, merging freedom, climbing and sensations. They’re supported by the best partners ever in their adventure: their dog Gaia…
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The story behind: Endless Landscape

A privileged landscape and an amazing calm are behind one of the pictures from the Peli Photocontest that could leave you speechless. Read the description here: “Great things are done when men and mountains meet; This is not done by jostling in the street.” (William Blake). Me and my Peli backpack alone on the Appennine Mountains. -Antonio Varcasia
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The story behind: Best road in the world

An image is worth a thousand words, or so they say. But for those pictures that leave us speechless, it’s great to read the story behind it, from the person that took them. This weekend I decided to go up “the best road in the world” which according to many people is the Transfagarasan road high up in the Romanian mountains. As usual my Peli Cases accompanied me on this photoshot and as usual all my gear arrived safely without…
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The story behind: A person’s best friends

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and so are Peli cases: I’ve been working as a dog trainer for several years and my speciality is the recovery of problematic dogs (i.e. aggressive) and also to train animals for Pet therapy and human rescue. In this picture, working dog “Boris” is on a rescue simulation, carrying a Peli 1170 with first aid kits inside for injured people. No matter if in solid ground or in the water, the dog accomplishes its…
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The story behind: A story of wanderlust

  The story behind the 3rd prize winner of the Peli Photocontest 2015 is a story of wanderlust. Wanderlust made profession, and captured into photography: I love my job as a photographer and a mountain guide. While I care about the safety of my clients, my camera equipment is protected by Peli cases. From Nepal to Bolivia. From the base camp to the summit. Like here in Tanzania. On the summit of KILIMANJARO! – Mateusz Waligóra
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“There lays the iM2370, flat on the dirty road. Scratched and dusty but… it’s a PELI case!”

Sometimes expeditions get complicated. PELI-sponsored astrophotographer Christoph Malin, from Austria, knows this well. An iM2370 Peli Case saved his work in Tunisia, and he shared his story with us: So we are deep in northern Tunisia – at that remote, ancient Roman ruins site working late, day and night on a time-lapse astrophotography shoot. We pack the car at 04:00 am, completely wasted and exhausted. It’s a strange kind of shrunk car made for the Arab market – a cheap,…
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