Peli 2745Z0 and 2755Z0 LED Headlights

With hazardous areas in mind, Peli Products has developed the safety approved Peli 2745Z0 and 2755Z0 LED Headlights. With an ATEX Certified Category 1 (Zone 0), both headlights can be used in the highest risk zone where an explosive atmosphere is expected to exist, which makes these models two of the safest work lights for use in the most volatile work environments. The 2745Z0 LED Headlight features three LEDs with dual modes: high (33 lumens / 20 hours) and low…
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Peli i1065 HardBack Case for iPad

We know that iPad users need to be able to both protect their device on the go and use and display it rapidly on the spot. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of the new i1065 HardBack Case with integrated frame to protect and display your iPad.   This streamlined, crush-resistant case was designed in partnership with BMW DesignWorks and is the only fully enclosed hard case designed specifically for the iPad. On the go: The case features…
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Air travel luggage disasters: Baggage Mix-ups

See previous air travel disaster posts on Surprise hand-luggage fees and Damaged Baggage. Disaster 3: Baggage Mix-ups What’s the one risk of packing up all your belongings and flying with a Peli case? That someone else on your plane will have done the same thing! If a fellow Pelifan accidentally grabs your case from the luggage belt, you’ll waste valuable time stressing and trying to track them down to make the swap. Solution: Customize your Peli case with decals, paint…
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Air travel luggage disasters: Damaged baggage

This second post on Air Travel luggage disasters looks at how to make sure your luggage doesn’t get damaged in the hold. (See post 1 from the series: Surprise Hand-Luggage Fees) Disaster 2: Damaged Baggage There’s nothing worse than checking in your suitcase on one continent, only to reach your destination to be greeted by a crushed, torn, or even a rain-soaked case which has failed to protect the delicate equipment and valuables inside. Solution: Peli, Peli, and more Peli!…
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Customize your Peli Case

We like to think that, as well as being crushproof, waterproof, and tough as nails, our Peli Cases are pretty good-looking too! Lots of our Peli fans customize their cases to fit their personalities. Here are our top ways of adapting the blank canvas of your Peli Case to fit your unique style. Follow the example of @charliewagers and jazz up your case with paint or stickers: If you’re more of the serious type, think smart like photographer Felipe Villegas…
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