New! Peli ProGear 2380R LED Rechargeable Light

Peli lights have the same awesome durability and performance of our cases, while also providing a superior light. The new Peli ProGear 2380R LED rechargeable torch is no exception. The 2380R is a brand new torch that brings the latest and greatest technology together into one product. The Peli ProGear 2380R LED incorporates slide-beam technology that provides a spot to flood beam so the light can be focused instantly. This torch is the perfect compact lighting solution to variety of…
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What is Recoil Led Technology™?

Incandescent torches provide an extraordinarily bright beam of light. But LEDs consume much less energy and deliver up to 15 times more battery burn-time. Peli technicians found a way to combine the shine of incandescent light with the life expectancy and durability of LEDs. Finally, a light that’s as bright as an incandescent torch with the efficiency, durability and savings in lamp replacement costs of LEDS. All thanks to Peli’s Recoil LED Technology. So how does it work? Think of…
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New! Peli ProGear 2350 LED Light

Peli introduces the Peli ProGearTM 2350 LED light, a handy, pocket-sized light with large performance. Great for camping, tool-boxes, car or as a backup light in professional settings, the Peli ProGear 2350 LED is one of the brightest personal lights on the market. It’s powered by a single AA battery, weighs just 100 g and offers three lighting modes (high/strobe/low). It uses energy-efficient and durable LED as the light source, which provides up to 100 lumens for as long as…
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What keeps Peli lights shining?

Peli lights take three different types of batteries: alkaline, lithium and rechargeable. The proper use of these batteries can ensure their safety and endurance. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using each. Alkaline batteries are approved for explosive environments as long as the specified cell type manufacturer and brand names displayed on the flashlight are used. When replacing the batteries, you should always replace all the batteries at the same time and keep in mind that…
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New! 2740 and 2750 Peli Headlights

We’ve just launched two tough, lightweight headlights, ideal for climbing, caving, and hiking. Both headlights are constructed of tough polymer resistant to water and extreme conditions, and pivot to a 45 degree angle to direct their clean brilliant light where it’s needed.   2740 LED Headlight Features three LEDs with dual modes; o High (35 lumens / 20 hours) o Low (13 lumens / 51 hours) Available in black, white and translucent blue   2750 LED Headlight Features dual LEDs…
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Peli ProGear – Let there be light!

For more than 30 years, Peli torches have been the professional choice of industries that demand the brightest and safest lighting in the world. We get excellent feedback about our lamps and torches from firefighters, aerospace workers and police officers. The high performance and reliability of Peli products have allowed them to see clearly and concentrate on saving lives, including their own. Peli ProGear puts the same cutting-edge portable lighting systems in your hands. Our job is to develop high-performance…
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