3715 LED Light review by Hlynur Kristjánsson

Firefighter: Hlynur Kristjánsson Country: Iceland 3715 Zone 0 Led Light First Impression: When I opened the box containing my new 3715 Zone 0 Led Light, the first thing I noticed was the strong quality. This light looks really accurately made, it is sturdy and feels very reliable.  The battery compartment is easy to open and use and it’s fully waterproof. The light is a bit heavy, but I think it is due to its structure. When roll it on your hand, you can tell it can take…
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3315 LED Light review by Andrea Morelli

Firefighter: Andrea Morelli Country: Italy 3315 Zone 0 Led Light   Analysis factor / aesthetic form: The gray coloration of the body does not stand out immediately, but in the range of colors you can choose also the fluorescent yellow, which is certainly more evident. You can sense, just by touch, the ABS body’s hardness doesn’t leave you indifferent, for sure. returns immediately to touch a hardness. This roughness won’t leave anyone indifferent! The strap, despite of being useful, seems…
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3715 LED Light review by Guido Siebers

Firefighter: Guido Siebers Country: Netherlands 3715 LED Zone 0 Flashlight The Peli 3715 is an absolute favorite. It’s compact, and it really packs a lot of light. The three types of light are really convenient, since you can use each of them with a different purpose. For instance, the large light is perfect to explore incident-zones, while the three small LED lights are really useful to read maps or walk in dark, clear áreas. The light has a perfect shape to…
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3315 LED Light review by Ricardo Alves

Firefighter: Ricardo Alves Country: Portugal Peli Products 3315 LED Light The 3315Z0 LED flashlight is very compact, but still easy to handle. The power button is also easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. The battery compartment is not immediately intuitive to open, but after trying it a couple of times, it becomes easy to do. We realized the closure has this configuration to be waterproof and ATEX Cat. 1 certified. It was comfortable to know that we could carry this…
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3315 LED Light review by Tiziano Pojer (Italy)

Firefighter: Tiziano Pojer Country: Italy Peli Products 3315 LED Light Shape The light fits easily into my pocket and the button is really comfortable to handle, even with fire gloves. However, it is quite difficult to find the right components to place the light on the helmet; I will try to buy them online. Light The light is extremely powerful, intense and with a much higher quality than the previous PELI models I’ve tried. It works fine in long distances…
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Peli Beta Testers Programme

All around the world, people rely on firefighters to help them when disaster strikes. We trust them with our lives. And many firefighters trust the strength and reliability of Peli Products when they are called to action. Peli Products is looking for firefighters who count on our products when they’re on the job and who would like to test our products and share their experiences with us. We will choose ten members of European fire departments or brigades to test…
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