A Day in the Life of Malcolm Airey – Field Guide, British Antarctic Survey

What is a typical day like for you? Days in the life as a Field Guide for the British Antarctic Survey are very rarely the same! Our principal role is the provision of field camp and travel safety for the many different scientists operating all over West Antarctica in the summer field season.  Depending on the science project we are assisting with, we could be assisting with radaring glaciers, sampling rocks on geology projects, general camp management on large-scale ice-core…
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Official Supplier of the Honda Racing Team at Dakar 2018

HRC at Dakar Rally 2018
The Dakar Rally is one of the world’s most extreme sporting events, where racers trek hundreds of kilometres each day for over 2 weeks. This year marks its 40th edition – from the 6th to the 20th of January, the Rally will spread out across three countries (Perú, Argentina and Bolivia) and 10,000km. The very demanding nature of the race requires a very precise combination of expert pilots, state-of-the-art motorcycles, seasoned support teams and highly reliable equipment – everything is…
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Who said Tough can’t be Light? New Peli Air Cases, same protection, 40% lighter

– Since 1976, millions of People around the world have trusted  Peli™ classic Protector™ cases to protect their most cherised gear on the go. Peli products has become a reference in a wide range of industries, from aerospace to photography and filmmaking. Now, Peli goes to the next level. Today at Hannover Messe Tradeshow (Hall 11, StandB70), Peli is proud to pre-announce the outcome of a relentless quest to offer Peli users more versatility than ever before: Introducing Peli Air…
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Peli 3765Z0 Rechargeable Right Angle Torch for Safety Professionals

We lead the way again with a new advanced portable light solution: the Peli 3765Z0 Rechargeable Right Angle Torch, specially designed with Safety professionals in mind. Featuring downcast LEDs for illuminating your path, the 3765Z0 LED torch also features 194 lumens (high) and 92 lumens (low), and a flashing mode. Another first is a built in battery life indicator so you will know your battery level before you go in. Compact, rugged, and lightweight, the 3765Z0 LED light contains the latest technology,…
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New 9440 RALS System: We put the ‘remote’ in Remote Area Lighting

Peli upgrades its 9440 RALS with Doubled Lumen Output, Bluetooth Remote and Lithium Ion Battery Technology. Always aiming to improve, we were already giving you the best advanced portable lighting solutions. Now, we’ve just made them better. With the new and improved version of the 9440 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS), we give our consumers a host of upgraded functionality:   Doubled lumen output with three settings (High/Medium/Low) features 5,300 lumens for 1.5 hours on High;  2,800 lumens for 4 hours…
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Peli Cases for drones: discover our Pick N Pluck foam!

You have it. Your drone. You have been considering for a while which one was the best option, have spent so much time comparing.. And finally it is yours. Now there’s just one detail left: how do you carry it? Don’t take any chances, such a precious thing requires the best companion. And that’s a lightweight, waterproof, strong and unconditionally guaranteed Peli Case. Not only will it resist any impact and survive the harshest conditions, the beauty is also inside.…
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The New ATEX regulation and its implications to manufacturers and end users

ATEX, as we explained earlier last week, is the The European Regulatory Framework for Manufacture, Installation and Use of Equipment in Explosive Atmospheres, and today important changes in this legislation will be withdrawn. From today, the 2nd of April, the products manufacturers place in the market must conform to the new ATEX standard (EN 60079-0:2012). That means the products that are already in service or in the distribution chain can continue to be use or sold. The function of the…
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Air travel luggage disasters: Bottom of the bag

See previous air travel disaster posts on Surprise hand-luggage fees, Damaged Baggage, Baggage mix-ups and Losing it all. Disaster 5: Bottom of the bag Sometimes you’re at the airport and you realise that you need to retrieve a vital item from your luggage. Why is it that the thing you need always seems to have found its way to the bottom of your bag or suitcase? Solution: keep your case organized and your things accessible with the new iM2435 Storm…
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Best Diving Spots in Europe

Here at Peli, we have a great relationship with the diving community. We love being able to provide tough, waterproof cases to professional and amateur divers who transport their gadgets and other valuables to the wettest, wildest places on Earth.           In that spirit, here we’re sharing our tips on the five of the best diving spots in Europe. 1) Wreck diving in the Orkney Islands If you want to add a historical twist to your…
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