A Day in the Life of Malcolm Airey – Field Guide, British Antarctic Survey

What is a typical day like for you? Days in the life as a Field Guide for the British Antarctic Survey are very rarely the same! Our principal role is the provision of field camp and travel safety for the many different scientists operating all over West Antarctica in the summer field season.  Depending on the science project we are assisting with, we could be assisting with radaring glaciers, sampling rocks on geology projects, general camp management on large-scale ice-core…
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Official Supplier of the Honda Racing Team at Dakar 2018

HRC at Dakar Rally 2018
The Dakar Rally is one of the world’s most extreme sporting events, where racers trek hundreds of kilometres each day for over 2 weeks. This year marks its 40th edition – from the 6th to the 20th of January, the Rally will spread out across three countries (Perú, Argentina and Bolivia) and 10,000km. The very demanding nature of the race requires a very precise combination of expert pilots, state-of-the-art motorcycles, seasoned support teams and highly reliable equipment – everything is…
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First unsupported crossing of the Arctic Ocean with Peli!

This summer, the “La voie du pôle” expedition team will attempt the first ever unsupported crossing of the entire the Arctic Ocean. The expedition will be led by sailor and Arctic adventurer, Sébastien Roubinet, who designed and built the boat. He first attempted this expedition in 2011. He’ll be accompanied by polar explorer and cameraman, Vincent Berthet. We sat down with Vincent to find out more about the expedition and Peli’s role in facing the Arctic challenge ahead.   Tell…
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Air travel luggage disasters: Surprise hand-luggage fees

We know Peli fans are adventurous, globe-trotting types, but some air-travel luggage disasters can befall even the most seasoned voyager. In this series of posts, we’re sharing our top solutions to some of the most common flight-related baggage mishaps. Follow these tips to fly in safety and style: Disaster 1: Surprise hand-luggage fees Airlines have strict size restrictions for hand luggage, and budget airlines usually only allow passengers to carry on a single piece of hand luggage. Standard low-cost airlines,…
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Peli teams up with Squash Falconer and Wings of Kilimanjaro

Friend of Peli, Squash Falconer, is preparing to participate in Wings of Kilimanjaro, a groundbreaking climb and jump expedition in aid of good causes in Africa. Squash will join a team of 200 adventurers in a mission to ascend the world’s tallest free standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, and paraglide from the summit. This will be the largest ever group to attempt this feat on Kilimanjaro. The aim of the expedition is to raise over US$1 million for Plant With Purpose,…
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Top fan content of 2012

We’ve had a great time interacting with Peli fans online this year. We love receiving questions, testimonials, photos and videos about your adventures with Peli gear. Here’s a look back at the best user-generated Peli social media content from 2012: Best Fan Photos Extreme Peli devotion shared by @gtroopcorey on Instagram: NBC Journalist Jim Long tweeting about Obama’s presidential election victory from atop his Peli case: Edible Peli Pie from @rotumax on Twitter: Best blog post: Pelican Case They Get…
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Peli Urban Style

Peli has a reputation as the friend of adventurers and explorers who travel to extreme destinations to do incredible things. But, Peli is also the top choice of urban professionals, who need to navigate the city in style and keep their gadgets safe. Our urban backpacks are the perfect sleek solution for zipping around town. The U105 features an integrated protective hardback case for laptops, while the U145 includes an impact protected sleeve for your tablet. Our eReader case is…
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Christmas Gift Ideas from Peli

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s about time to start thinking about what we’re going to wrap up and put under the tree for our loved-ones. We all want to keep costs under control during this expensive season, but at the same time we want to give quality gifts that will be used, enjoyed and appreciated. Here are a few tips on how to give a quality Christmas gift on a budget: Accessorize! If you know someone who owns a…
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Best Diving Spots in Europe

Here at Peli, we have a great relationship with the diving community. We love being able to provide tough, waterproof backpacks to professional and amateur divers who transport their gadgets and other valuables to the wettest, wildest places on Earth.                       In that spirit, here we’re sharing our tips on the five of the best diving spots in Europe. 1) Wreak diving in the Orkney Islands If you want to…
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