Peli Urban Style

Peli has a reputation as the friend of adventurers and explorers who travel to extreme destinations to do incredible things. But, Peli is also the top choice of urban professionals, who need to navigate the city in style and keep their gadgets safe. Our urban backpacks are the perfect sleek solution for zipping around town. The U105 features an integrated protective hardback case for laptops, while the U145 includes an impact protected sleeve for your tablet. Our eReader case is…
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Christmas Gift Ideas from Peli

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s about time to start thinking about what we’re going to wrap up and put under the tree for our loved-ones. We all want to keep costs under control during this expensive season, but at the same time we want to give quality gifts that will be used, enjoyed and appreciated. Here are a few tips on how to give a quality Christmas gift on a budget: Accessorize! If you know someone who owns a…
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Customize your Peli Case

We like to think that, as well as being crushproof, waterproof, and hard as nails, our Peli Cases are pretty good-looking too! Lots of our Peli fans customize their cases to fit their personalities. Here are our top ways of adapting the blank canvas of your Peli HardCase to fit your unique style. Follow the example of @charliewagers and jazz up your case with paint or stickers: If you’re more of the serious type, think smart like photographer Felipe Villegas…
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ProGear Sport Wallet: Good Things Come in Small Packages

Here at Peli, we’re super-excited to announce the launch of the latest addition to our Micro Case range in Europe: the ProGear 0955 Sport Wallet. As you can see, it’s perfect for protecting small items like keys, ID documents, credit cards, cash, and memory sticks and cards. The wallet features an easy-open latch with dual mesh pockets, so that you can keep its contents organized. Professional-grade quality You no longer need to risk using a traditional soft wallet for your…
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The Perfect iPad Mini Case

Here at Peli, we’re always on top of the latest tech trends. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’ve got the perfect hard case for the new iPad Mini tablet. If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on the new iPad Mini tablet, or if you’re thinking of buying one, you don’t need to worry about it getting crushed, dropped, or suffering from water damage. The 1055CC Case is the perfect size for the iPad Mini and,…
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Peli ProGear Micro Cases

Here at Peli, we’ve been making protective cases for people working in the most extreme conditions for decades. We harness all of this engineering know-how to produce our molded ProGear Micro Cases to protect your all of your favourite small tech gadgets. The cases are made to a professional standard of quality and durability. We guarantee that they will carry your mp3 player, iPod, iPhone, smart phone, GPS or other vital small electronics to the ends of the earth and…
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Peli ProGear – HardBack Cases

Peli has over half a century of experience in making protective cases for professionals working in the most extreme conditions, from firefighters, to pilots and wildlife photographers. These days, we all want to be able to safely carry high-tech, delicate equipment with us, whether we’re rushing across the city, or travelling around the world. That’s why, for the first time, we’re making this professional secret available to everyone. We’ve harnessed our know-how to make molded cases to protect your all…
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