I received the Peli Guardian Case for my iPhone 6 and fitted it straight away. It’s easy to put the phone in the case but it’s then held securely with no worries about it falling out.

I’m very impressed by the way the case fits the phone, protecting everything but not compromising the use of the phone. The volume and power buttons are fully covered and there’s a cut out for the mute switch.

The ports for the charger and headphone sockets are large enough not to cause any problems and I’ve had no complaints about audio quality so the microphone and speaker are not impacted either.

The texture of the case is great, plenty of grip so it doesn’t slip in your hand but equally it doesn’t get caught in your pockets, it works as well at home as it does in a suit pocket or a pair of jeans. The sides of the case come far enough forward that they extend just passing the front of the phone, so that if you put it screen down on a table, the case makes contact but the glass doesn’t.

I’ve had “rugged” cases before and the compromise is they add bulk. This case manages to get the balance right. I have to say I think this case is fantastic, looks and feels just right.

Another great Peli product.

– Chris Sellers