Peli is happy to present the third mission to be chosen for sponsorship. AIME65 is an association of volunteers whose mission is to help people who have suffered all sorts of natural disasters and will now be the recipient of equipment provided by Peli.


AIME65 was created in December 2013 in direct response to the heavy flooding seen in the south of France that year. AIME65 can be called upon to help people in the Hautes Pyrénées who are dealing with damages caused by natural disasters such as flooding, storm damage, landslides and avalanches.

The association depends entirely on volunteers. These selfless individuals provide their own transportation and, in the most severe cases, food and drink. They are also currently bringing their own equipment to the interventions that are undertaken.

In the very near future, the association aims to have checkpoints so that all the necessary material can be stocked around the department. Sometimes, as was the case in June 2013, roads are blocked and access can be difficult. By stocking tools and equipment in different locations around the department, volunteers can intervene quickly with all that is needed.

Aime65 (2)

We are very proud to sponsor this humanitarian project with equipment from Peli and hope that our contribution will help them carry out their mission.