Denis Palanque is a French wildlife photographer who, together with his colleague Nathalie Houdin, will embark on a special photojournalistic mission to South Africa in October.

Their mission is to document and report on the story of a young French scientist working on an issue that incites controversy worldwide: the conflictive relationship between livestock farmers and predators.

Zoologist Marine Drouilly is working to better understand the extremely strained relationship between South African sheep farmers and two natural predators: the blackjacked jackal and the caracal. Having earned the trust of local Karoo farmers, she hopes to shed light on the ecological and sociological mechanisms underlying the conflict. It could be an opportunity for many farmers in the region to preserve both their livelihoods and the biodiversity that defines the area. The work is unprecedented and could have positive repercussions in both Europe and the United States.

Karoo Predator Project

Palanque and Houdin have established relationships with both Drouilly and the Karoo farmers, who have invited them to witness the heart of the conflict where they will be able to create a very intimate portrait of the people and wildlife involved. Their innovative photographic approach will combine photojournalism with field photography and studio portraiture in a desert environment that is particularly hostile to sensitive photographic equipment.

Peli is proud to provide the team with the protection they need to keep their photographic gear safe so that they can fulfill their mission.